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Potassium Chlorate

We are the producer and exporter of potassium chlorate for fireworks

Potassium ChlorateUN No 1485. Packing group II. Hazard class 5.1 CAS Number:3811-04-9

HS Code 28291910

Appearance:white powder

Spec:1) KCLO3>99.2% Chloride<0.03% Insoluble in Water<0.10% Moisture<0.10%

2) KCLO3>99.5% MOISTURE<0.05% Cl<0.02% BrO3<0.03% SO4<0.01% Fe:<0.003%

3) Low BrO3 grade

Monthly Output:200MT

Usage:used in fireworks, match, explosive

download: Potassium Chlorate MSDS